MA Steel Foundry is proud to introduce casting simulation into their planning procedures, using the German MAGMASOFT software, currently known as the most advanced simulator for foundry processes. The use of MAGMASOFT will give designers a precise analysis of the cast feeding systems, optimizing movement from the fluid dynamic point of view. With the filling analysis the geometry of the casting gates is optimized, to give the alloy the best laminar flow possible and to avoid excessive speed that could cause inclusion of sand in the casting.

During this phase, it is possible to identify the best position for the filters and fix the number and position of the casting gates to obtain the best temperature distribution in the alloy at the end of filling. With the solidification analysis, it is possible to ensure that the castings have the required quality features, not only from a point of view of faults but also mechanical features. In fact, with the solidification analysis, the position and best size of the uprights is decided, and therefore the effect of any coolers that should solidify the casting without creating faults.

Temperature trends during solidification and cooling phases are carefully evaluated with a micro-structural analysis, which can forecast the final features of the casting, such as hardness, structure and mechanical properties.


We currently design our products in 3D using Solidworks. We can design your products from drawings, current patterns, or existing castings.

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We use the latest technology - a 3D hand-held laser scanner in combination with geomagic software to design existing castings/patterns for simulation. We can also use those 3D models to make wooden patterns. We are also able to scan your worn out, obsolete parts and make new ones.

Let us know how we can help you get your designs to market quicker and more efficiently.